Reunion looks at journalist well-being and trauma exposure

Karen Percy appears on a panel as part of the RISJ 40th reunion

I recently returned to Oxford University for a reunion of fellows of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. 

For 40 years journalists from around the world have gathered at the RISJ to learn, to share experiences, to exchange ideas.

I was a fellow in the English summer of 2006. It was a wonderful 3 months.

During this reunion there were terrific panel discussions featuring so many wonderful journalists.

I took part in the panel discussion “Effective tools for improving well-being in newsrooms”. 

I sat alongside some great speakers – Te Shima Brennen – a documentary maker from Brooklyn, NY – and Bahaar Jaya, a freelance journalist from Afghanistan who has made the unusual switch to become an Emergency Department nurse in England.

It was an informative forum.

Watch it here.


For an overview of all of the discussions check out this writeup.

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